It was never the right time

April 8, 2013
By , Dodge City, KS
It was never the right time

“Joe I think its time we tell both our parents the great news, we won’t be able to hide it much longer babe” my girlfriend said as I was taking off my work clothes, I pretended not to hear her, I didn’t want to fight about the same thing again, not again, I gasped annoyed, I knew we had to tell them but I didn’t think it was the right time since we weren’t married.

“Are you hiding something Joe, you seem annoyed, depressed, angry at the world, is there something I need to know” I didn’t want to turn and see her because I could feel the big, wet tears rolling down my cheeks, and she was going to know there was something I was hiding. Many excuses went through my head but I couldn’t seem to lie to Marisol any long, and before I knew it my mouth moved faster then my brain, I didn’t think things thru I just told her how my parents felt about me getting married with a Mexican, how my parents hate her and don’t think she’s “the right person.”

“Really Joe really so all this time I have been lied to, this whole I’m in love with you thing has been a joke. Wow ha-ha never thought there was cruel stupid people like you and your parents” Marisol I do love you, me and parents don’t talk I chose you over them baby I love you.

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