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March 29, 2013
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People commonly judge the overweight ones as being ugly. Actually, I have no idea why they do that. I understand that people judge other's with pre-based ideas, but I don't get what is it they can use to judge someone that is fat.
Of course, it is impossible to not judge anyone by its appearance, because the first impression we take from someone is always based on how they are outside. But it is wrong to take conclusions of someone by a first impression.

As a consequence, they end up building a low self-esteem and giving major importance to feelings. This is a good aspect in them, although as some of them seem to build an outer strong self, inside, they become very weak people. You develop a nice and happy self, but you know that you're talked about and what other people think about your appearance. That is wrong. If you keep this up, you're building a lie around yourself and you'll get more hurt. you're just denying the existence of your true self, and even so, you don't feel better because of it, because you are the only who knows ow you really feel.
Forget about the rest: It's not about how the others see you, but how you see yourself. Do you like yourself, like you are right now? Do you like feeling like this?
You must be honest when answering this question. It is okay to say yes. Although, if the answer is no, then change into how you really want to be. If you don't like being like this, if you don't feel good in your own body, then do your best to turn it into something you will feel good with, but with no extremes. Losing weight takes time and work, but as long as your wish to feel good with yourself remains strong, you will be able to perform miracles, and in the end.
You don't have to stop eating.
You don't have to perform an operation.
You don't have to take medication.
If you achieve your goal by making use of your own hard work, you'll experience a very good feeling in the end. And the moment you start to feel good with yourself, you'll start liking you. And if you like yourself, then you don't have to worry about other's opinions. And if you like yourself, then people will start liking you more.
But if you do this to make people like you, then it won't worth it. You must do it for yourself.

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