America and Mexico Should Take Off the Border

March 20, 2013
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America is wondering if they could convince Mexico to be a part of their country. Wouldn’t you like to see your families not have to risk their own lives only to die when they cross to the U.S. and Mexican border? Should the two countries remove the borders? If they do, even my family would be able to get a better life instead of spending hundreds of dollars trying to get documents for a house or a job. My mom could get the house of her dreams, and everyone would be satisfied with their freedoms, because no one would threaten them. Erasing the borders would help in travelling between the two countries. These reasons are why the US/Mexican border should be erased. It would bring joy to Mexicans, it would make lives easier for Mexicans, and it would help the United States with their resources.

What would be the benefits of countries America and Mexico? One benefit would be making lives easier for Mexican families to meet. First, immigrants wouldn’t have to risk their lives in order to provide their families with a better one. Mexicans would have better futures, because they’d have more opportunities to work. Our two societies would evolve and become stronger if the border was erased. In conclusion, these are all the benefits for having the U.S and Mexico join as one.There’s also more of chance that with two countries, the drug trafficking problem would end.

People would be happy though now that America is working with Mexico. Now Mexicans could travel back to their country knowing they could come back. Once Mexicans came by sneaking into America, they knew they had to restart and also immigrants don’t have to spend hard earn money on getting documents and taking the quiz to become a citizen. They would help out the immigrant so much on becoming citizens. Immigrants would just be happy in general. Now immigrants know the politics and government care and are trying to solve this problem.

The United States and Mexico should combine to be one country for these reasons… it makes benefits for immigrants. Even though there are problems, we would still pull threw. In general, immigrants would be satisfied. This shows, how America and Mexico would be a dominate country working together.

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Aris04 said...
May 6, 2013 at 11:27 am
I think that coming togwther would benifit the fact becuase there would be more land that needs imprvement witch leads  to the government needing people for that witch leads to more jobs and a better envoirment. Also America and Mexico are pretty good neighbors so it wouldnt be that difficult .
American.Idiot said...
Apr. 4, 2013 at 7:19 pm
While I agree that annexing Mexico would benefit people who would otherwise have no other choice but to illegally cross the border to get into the United States, the costs of the decision would far outweigh the benefits. Already, there is much hostility to Mexicans in the US because of illegal immigration. If the two countries were to be united under one flag, the prejudice and hate would continue and little would change despite the improvements. (ie. racial hate groups, ghettoes, etc.) I doub... (more »)
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