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March 19, 2013
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Today me and my friend where walking and i hugged her bye.She accidently bumped a guy and was starting to apologize.He glared and "yelled watch where your going n****r"I got so mad it was hard not to go tell him stuff for being a racist.My friend is such a sweetheard and just cause the color of her skin this is how shes usually treated.When we go shopping people act like shes gonna steal there purses.Like there was this white woman and she had dropped her wallet my friend hurried after her to hand it back and the woman looked all scared it burned me up.My friend and nobody deserves to be treated this way! I thought the days of discrimination where over but i was obviously wrong nobody should feel bad cause the color of their skin.Even some of my friends tried telling me stuff for being friend with her they said im white and shes just a thief and no good friend.The irony? im mexican and i love my friend i will stand by her side no matter what i know shes going somewhere one day her skin coloe

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