The Purest Form of Blind

March 4, 2013
I always thought it’d be close to the worst possible scenario to be blind. I always thought I’d miss the sight of people’s faces, the sight of the bright sun, and the sight of the waves in the ocean. But in all reality, what are those simple pleasures without a shining personality, the warmth of the sun’s gaze, or the soft crashing of the sea?

Society is so messed up, always telling us “be thinner”, “look prettier”, “grow bigger boobs”. All these girls and boys out there, stuck thinking they’re not good enough because they don’t look like the models on posters. It’s not right. Not when every single person out there is unbelievably beautiful and unique. Not when that sweet, quiet girl in class is called “ugly” and “fat” just because she doesn’t wear make-up or isn’t size 0. And NOT when these teens go home and cry, hurt themselves, starve themselves, just so they might feel a little better about that photo-shopped girl in the magazines. What makes these people feel like they’re better than the next anyways? We ALL have flaws, some physically, some mentally, some on our skin, others in our blood, but no matter what the flaws may be, they’re still there in every single one of us. No one knows what another is going through or where they’ve been through life, so how do we feel we have the right to judge others based merely on their appearance?

And this is when I realize; maybe it’s not so bad to be blind. Maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t be so bad to judge people by their personalities rather than what’s on the outside. If everyone was blind, I feel like there’d be so much less stress in society. No more “that kid has acne” or “look at that dork with the glasses”, because all that would matter would be what’s on the inside. Let’s all try, even just for a day, to be blind, and show everyone how beautiful they truly are.

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