is it ever over?

March 6, 2013
By Anonymous

Today i was out with family and we were having a good time.I smiled then looked up and saw a black family frowning at the waitress."We dont serve or accept your kind here" she whispered.My family and people near us looked at each other in shock.A man near us stood up and said angrily"what do you mean their kind is it cause they are black"??The waitress looked down and said"its the bosses policy we cant allow them to eat here"The mans face turned red with anger and he yelled"this isnt right i say they should be allowed anywhere your boss is a racist and i say you let them in"The waitress shook her head im sorry sir but i cant"My parents got up and agreed they should be allowed in....More people agreed and the boss and his place where sued for discrimination based on race.

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