Everything is Connected

February 17, 2013
First, let me start by saying that the world is completely interwoven. The trees, the flowers, the tigers, the mice, everything you can dream of. For every single action there is a reaction. For every death, there is a birth. For every tree cut down, it is made into something completely new and useful to the universe.

Even the very souls of people are entwined. There are people who meet under the strangest circumstances, yet, end up being together forever. There is no scientific way to explain why certain people meet, or how we decide to spend our lives.

When we eat other life, we take that life's energy into our bodies. No single life is completely lost or without meaning or cause. When animals die, their nutrients nourish the soil below which, in turn, supports other life and continues the cycle.

Even as connected as everything is, every organism is completely unique in their own rights. Some animals of the same species have more limbs than others, or be a completely different color than the rest. Some have less prominent differences, like an extra spot on their fur or more teeth than usual.

The same goes for even us humans. Some of us are shorter, taller, skinnier, bigger, or a different color than the rest. The question is that should be raised is: why do we still discriminate each other? Some people think less of others because of skin color or differences in size.. but why? Other animals don't single out individuals of the same species because of these same differences. They learn to live together in peace, ignorant of differences and without discrimination.

Can you imagine if a rabbit discriminated against its own kind? Imagine one of the rabbits was bigger or smaller than the others, and the other rabbits shunned it because of the difference. Its hard to picture and sounds pretty silly, doesn't it?

Next time you think of someone badly because of their differences, think about the rabbit. The thought will keep you off that harmful train of thought and probably make you laugh in the process.

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