Stop the Hate on Love

January 31, 2013
Everyone knows the famous line “All men were created equal” from The Declaration of Independence but clearly not everyone really believes it. If people took that one line seriously then everyone should have equal rights and should have the same freedoms as any other person. I’m in shock that we have reached the year 2013 and there is still so much discrimination going on in the world. One of the main problems in our society is the constant hate on the gay population. Not only is the gay population being discriminated against by not being allowed to be married in most states, but the hate on them is carrying over into other aspects of their life. This population of people is being discriminated against in the workplace. Discrimination is utterly ridiculous no matter what setting, but to discriminate a person in the workplace because of who they love is just outrageous. It’s said that outside life shouldn’t interfere with the workplace, but for some close minded people I guess it is.

Imagine working hard throughout school and college to get the job of your dreams. You finally get to where you want to be and then all of the sudden that dream is grabbed away from you because you have blonde hair. Now that scenario probably wouldn’t happen because why should someone be fired for being born with blonde hair. Well, being born gay is the same deal. It’s cruel and unfair that jobs are taken from people over something they can’t control.

In the article “Gay and Transgender People Face High Rates of Workplace Discrimination and Harassment” it talks about Vandy Beth Glenn who unfairly lost her job because her boss fired her for being transgender. Now this isn’t just one random example, things like this are happening all over America to many different people just for their sexual orientation. The article also displays the facts that 15-43% of gay workers have experienced some sort of discrimination. This discrimination can range from being fired to being physically harassed at the workplace. America should be ashamed that there are adults in the workplace that are abusing others. One would think everyone knew that if you have nothing nice to say (or do) don’t say (or do) it at all.

Knowing that a whole group of people is put through this type of harassment everyday breaks my heart. I don’t believe that America is a lost hope though. There are many people that except others for being different and don’t let it interfere with other aspects of their lives. For some reason much of the problem comes from the older generation who refuse to change. It looks like the middle school bully has now changed to the workplace bully. I think the older generation should learn a thing or two from our younger generation. Nobody should hate someone else for who they love and nobody is too old for change. As America changes we need to change too. We need to be accepting of others and stop the hate.

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SunshineKarmaGirl said...
Feb. 10, 2013 at 4:56 pm
I loved reading this it was so inspiring. :) If you could find the time to read my story called You Know My Name Not My Story i would appriciate it so much. Thanks!
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