Ride on you haters

January 23, 2013
By Anonymous

I’m a young Latina with big dreams that I’m going to accomplish, and I will do it on my own. Nobody is stopping me, my haters are not my competition. I see myself in the mirror and am my only competition, I’m going to keep it true and real. I’m going to ride on you haters.
Shutout to my haters, saying things about me you know I represent the west born and raised in California I’m going to keep on coming.

Meaning that were am from is the west and we don’t give up on are dreams.

I’m going to get mine every day that I’m living. I been though a lot and I lived it on my own and I had my ups and down but I’m on top and I did it on my own. My haters are my motivation they’re my reason why I’m standing up and strong and keep going forward.

I have told myself I will be somebody in life I’m working hard and won’t stop until I get there and I will show my haters that there is no way there stopping me, they have tried but it is not enough for me to stop making my dreams come true. My haters can’t handle me.

Latinas has faith, and I trust myself. My haters have taught me how to not give up, and keep on going. What I really want on life just because their going after the week people thinking they’re going to destroy them. Some people like me are smatter enough to see hatter like a motivation.

Nothing is stopping me, if anything their the one who will make me fames and will be apologizing for forgiveness. Having hates don’t mean I can’t accomplish my dreams because they didn’t give me my life to control me they don’t give me food to be surviving they don’t give me nothing. Pick a number from 0 to 0 causes that’s how much I care about my haters out there trying to destroy my life.

My haters are bunch of girls who think I don’t care about the other people around me, they say I don’t have feeling and guys think I just break their hearts and that I’ll I think about is myself.

My haters don’t know what I been through so I got no time to explain why I am who I am know. I grown up with a lot of girls that hate me because I get what I want whenever I want and destroy what I don’t want n my way.

Keep on doing you I‘ll keep doing me everybody have their own reason to hate someone but about me I don’t got to worry because I know I’m on top and always will causes I’m riding on you haters and it’s my pleasure. You already know I got to get it on my own while all my haters are watching me because if you’re not from California you’re not wasting my time.

I’ll be riding on my haters while you guys watch me be someone in life I’m not trepan because nobody is stopping me from accomplishing my dreams.

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