we must we always be judged?

November 10, 2012
Why must people always look at our outer shells? What happened to never judge a book by its cover ? Funny, we get hurt by so many things that people do. People always seem to underestimate us, always quick to judge, quick to assume a person's life. I get tired of it, we all do. Most of the time it's our foes, our friends, people our age to be so quick to discriminate. They don't know, that their words really hurt. Sometimes, they hurt deeper then what we want them to. Do you ever feel like you don't belong in this world? That, no one really understands you , and your just alone and there is nothing you can really do about it? I have had that feeling. Everything is so far away, and you ask yourself, who exactly am I ? Or whats my purpose in life ? Why am I here? questions, that only we can answer. Sometimes you just got have courage. Courage to look deep inside of yourself for your answers. Don't listen to what others have to say about you, matter of fact don't listen to people when they try to tell you who YOU are. There is only one person you should really listen to, and that is yourself. Who cares what others think about you, who cares ? Who are they to play a role in your life story? You're the main character in your story, don't you think you should get to pick how your story ends? Don't you think it's fair to choose if you have a happy ending or not? So, be the person you want to be. Regardless of what others say. I like you for who you are. I don't know you, but I think you are beautiful, for you being you. One day, the light from within is going to shine. You're going to get somewhere for who you are. So don't listen to what others have to say, just keep your head up and keep smiling. People will eventually realize you don't care and respect that. Respect you in general. Be true to who you are .

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JanAsh said...
Nov. 25, 2012 at 4:06 pm
I remember reading this yesturday, and i came back to read it once again, this poem is amazing !!! and its also true ! I love your writing (:
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