Scared, Frustrated, and Annoyed as a Woman

October 25, 2012
By Anonymous

What’s wrong with our world? Why is it that people are so creepy? Why would people do some of the thing they do? Why can’t we all live in peace in harmony? These are questions I ponder a lot. This afternoon when I came home from school my dad told me about something he had read in the news where a police officer in the Birmingham area(where I live) had been caught sending emails and writing letters about how he wanted to kidnap a woman and slowly cook her in an oven. It sent shivers down my spine and I still feel sick to stomach. This doesn’t scare me nearly as much as it does annoy me. Ok so maybe I will refuse to walk to my school bus tomorrow morning but that is only because as a fourteen year old girl, I know if a creep like this tried to hurt me there isn’t much I could do about it. So yeah maybe my vulnerability scares me to death. What really annoys me though is that this guy wants to cook a woman specifically. As a woman it infuriates me that he, or really anyone for that matter, anyone would say this or think this because it obviously shows their lack of respect for females. What I really want to know is why he or anybody else could not respect women as much as they do men. But think about it, if society as a whole didn’t discriminate against women, view us as lesser to men, or disrespect us, people wouldn’t really have this mindset would they? And if people didn’t have this mindset and they actually respected women as much as they do men, we wouldn’t have problems like this now would we?

The author's comments:
This is something I wrote pouring out my feelings and thoughts about something my dad warned me about when I came home from school.

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