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What Really Happens? Bully VS. Victim VS. School

By , Woodstock, GA
As any teenager, I have my own thoughts and opinions about school rules and regulations. One of the main topics that strikes an interest in my mind is bullying. Sure, several schools spend a variety of class periods speaking about bullying and constantly telling students not to do it, but has the school actually ever taken any physical steps to stop this?
Every child has heard from their parents or another, "if someone hits you, you hit them back." However, if someone is in a bullying accident, school rules, in a nutshell says, "you have to stand there and take it and let us take care of it later." If a student is being punched, and they punch back, they are automatically going to be punished to the same extent, if not more, as the student who began punching in the first place.
Nonetheless, what do teachers and administrators REALLY do about bullying in the school? Give the student detention during lunch? Do the teachers and administrators really take action toward ending bullying, other than showing a few inspirational videos about children who were bullied in the past? In the videos themselves, do the administrators even get involved in putting an end to these particular cases? In several videos I have watched about bullying cases, the teachers didn't attempt to put an end to the bullying, rather than simply calling that particular student out on it, which only makes tension worse between the bully and the victim.
Long story short, I personally believe the school rules and regulations about allowing the administrators take care of bullying problems, rather than manipulating the problem directly by ones self, is very unreliable. It is only causing more pain to the victim, if they do not manage the problem by themselves. If a victim is simply allowing the bully to lash them, in any form, only due to the rules of school policy and not wanting to suffer the consequences as well, it is merely creating more tension on the victim. I presume it is only worse for a student to be bullied, then have to suffer the consequences as if they were the actual bully themselves.
Schools should earnestly take more steps toward ending bullying, and also take a closer look at the bullying dispute before taking action without thinking. Without doing so, one may be wrongly punished, and that is utterly unacceptable.

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