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October 11, 2012
By tommyb1198 BRONZE, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
tommyb1198 BRONZE, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
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You may notice when you go to schools, places of work, sports games or practices, and other places of social interaction, there is certain isolated groups of people. The reasons these people are usually together is because they are similar in personality and bond well with each other. These groups are referred to as “cliques”. A clique may be separated by race, social stature, wealth, popularity, or any other thing making one person different from another. These cliques can sometimes be horribly mean to other people outside their clique because they get that “I’m so much better than you” mentality. This can cause many fights among different cliques. I believe you should not be confined to one clique but have friends from many cliques. I think at Mount Saint Charles there is cliques with sports and other activities, also popularity and wealth play a role in clique stature here. I think it is pointless to have cliques and segregate certain people. It can be compared to slavery in the way that whites in America in-slaved Afro-Americans because of their skin color and we may segregate someone because they are less well-off than you are or any other reason. Others who have been in a clique for a while may have never experienced rejection in the way other have. I always think of how hard going to a new is if you don’t know anyone there. It must be a horrible feeling knowing you don’t fit in. This not accepting can also lead to depression among other emotional problems. Whenever there is a fight between others at school, I always hear teacher say how things like that used to happen when they were in school but by the time they were seniors in high school everyone in the grade was friends. I hope that that can happen with our class. Sometimes I wonder about certain people in our grade who get picked on what will the future hold for them. You know one day they will just crack and have a huge outburst like a chicken’s egg under pressure. Cliques, can on the other hand, be make an experience like high school very pleasant. You have people to hang out with inside and outside of school. You may be more often asked to go and do things, and you may also meet new people outside your clique that people inside your clique know. On sports teams there might be cliques with the better and worse players on the team. I know that this fact is true because when I used to play baseball some of my teammates and I used to go to the movies or have sleepovers and we were some of the best ones on the team. The whole meaning behind this story is to inform you of what negative things happen when there is cliques, and unless you are completely numb to what goes on in life you should know this. Having cliques may make some feel un-accepted, and after all isn’t being accepted what everyone wants in life?

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