On letting it be

September 28, 2012
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Most people have standards, expectations for themselves and other people.
They have to be attractive and entertaining, witty or smart. But here's what I've found: I don't always fit a stereo type; and neither do my friends.
I have a friend that some would call a s***, but she's not because I believe its all about the state of mind and the intentions.
I have a friend that people would call ugly, but sue is the most righteous and beautiful person I have met thus far.
I have a friend that some would call needy, but I know he is just a person that treasures companionship.
I have a friend that some would call two faced but I know she just guards herself and does not show everyone who she is inside.
The thing is that life is all about love and grace.
I am inconsistent and some would even say hypocritical, because I am constantly changing.
Because I'M HUMAN.
I am forever undecided, especially as a teenager. I am influenceable and I have a fairly open and I think people should be.
Because you have to let there be room for CHANGE :)

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