In Our Unity

August 23, 2012
In our unity, we define color. You are black, you are white, you are brown, you are Asian, you are Native. I might be Irish and Native and you might be African and French but when you mix us all together we are only shades of grey. Our hearts are cold and black. We are blind. We cannot see people for people. Those “people” to us are only based on color, religion, sexuality, orientation, and all other physical beings possible. I might be Irish and Native American but when I look in the mirror I see a rainbow. A rainbow of every race, every color, and every religion. I see people as people and not as just a folder in your filing cabinet. Your filing cabinet just a categorizing system for our stereo-typing society. Not all Muslims carry bombs, the only bombs they carry are their ticking heart beats, ready to explode from the hatred. Belief doesn’t define who you are. We all believe in something. I believe in equality. Under the skin we all have lungs that breath the same air from the same planet. The day when soldiers go back home to their countries because we realize there is no need for war. Love is what makes the world go round so why can’t we just embrace the fact that we are all different and we all have flaws because difference is the one thing we have in common. Because we are all different, we are all the same. You might not be able to understand every language but all you need to know is that the sound coming from their soul is fear. Fear of you, fear of me, fear of everybody that isn’t like them. We need to become a world with no fear, with only kind hearts. We need to stand up and take everybody by the hand because no matter what skin color that hand may be, on the inside it has the exact same bones that your hand does. The bones that hold their body together but their strength is breaking down so we need to hold each other up. No matter gay, straight, lesbian, bi-sexual, transsexual, hermaphrodite, pansexual, or asexual, we are all still human. We are people that need to change.

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