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August 2, 2012
By abbygabbyv SILVER, Springfield, Massachusetts
abbygabbyv SILVER, Springfield, Massachusetts
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The world isn't how I wished it appeared. In my mind it was clean, and filled with people that helped others. People now-a-days leave me with a look of disgust, I don't understand how one could say such harsh things about someone of the same kind nature. Hate crimes, discrimination and violence is not tolerated in my mind and in many others. Somehow I can stand clear of bullying others. I have Tourette Syndrome and although many others have said hurtful things to me and about me, I don't fight fire with fire. I just let it go and for all the other kids out there that are dealing with bullying; Tell someone; Don't let it happen and let the abuser sink in their glory. Everyone deals with hardships and bullies tend to pick on people that can't hide theirs well. I'm here to say that who cares if you're not like other people? You're special in your own way and don't let anyone jeopardize your sense of purity by giving them the attention their looking for. I wished bullying and racial comments never did exist. Because if we all liked each other, we'd be living in a world full of peace, harmony and friendship.

The author's comments:
I hope reading this article, people can learn to live in a world with no pain or hurt. No one deserves to be treated wrongly.

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