Unfair to Animals

August 6, 2012
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All animals on this earth are made for a purpose. Dogs that are aggressive and protective of their owners are there to look after the people they love not to get put down for being that type of animal. It’s like if a human hates other people and punches them in the face. Why don’t they get shot? It’s unfair for the dog? I know this since my dog got put down for protecting his owner from the other dog. Humans injure animals and expect the animal to still be good and kind? That’s not the way life goes. Animals should be able to retaliate and hurt the human for doing something so stupid. Animals deserve a full life full of ups and downs, love and hate and a family look us humans. We see many pets on the road dead, strayed or ferral for what humans have done to them. Throwing them out of there life. It’s not fair and I think you would agree.

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