Stop School Fights

July 12, 2012
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What comes to your mind when you hear the word fighting? For me I think of some positive and negative aspects. There are certain struggles that you face that are worth fighting long and hard for like the slaves who fought for their freedom in America. Then there's the fighting that gets our adrenaline going from the WWE wrestlers to UFC cage fighting and kickboxing. Unfortunately there is a type of fighting that I have witnessed that is nothing worth applauding because it a form of bullying, school fights.

Do you really think you're "tough" by pounding someone who you don't like at school? To me I think you're immature.There seems to be this image some kids think that if I pound someone and I win the fight I'm a "tough" person. The truth is fighting people does have consequences and you can be arrested for it. It's called battery. I know a girl at my school who got into so many fights at my school, that my school just got tired of it and she went to Juvenile.

If you think watching two kids fight each other at school is entertaining than you should know you are bullying. There's a huge difference between watching a fight like wrestlers and kick boxers rather than watching two kids at school fight each other. I don't find in pleasure out of someone's pain. How would you feel if you were up there being the one attacked?

Some kids also seem to use fighting as a way to earn attention or "popularity". "Popularity" is a wrong kind of attention to earn. It's only earned through people pretending to like you because they fear you.

There are other ways you can defend yourself without having to bully people back , by standing up for yourself. Find ways to politely express to bully's you're not going to put up with their behavior, because two wrongs never make a right.

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