June 21, 2012
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There are people all around who are scared. They're scared because they're being judge. They can't even walk down their own road because there are people who live on the same road that judge them. People don't know how bad they hurt the other person. It takes years for someone to get over the things some people do to them. They're not even safe at their own home because people know where they live, they can get that person's cell phone number, or they can go on the Internet. The world is turning bad. It's making people what to kill themselves. It makes them take a blade to the wrists, the thighs, or some other body part. Bullying is a serious matter. Most students fall asleep when they are taught about bullying in school. They might not know that their best friend is thinking about suicide because they're getting bullied. When their friend ends his/her life, they may think it's to late, but it's not. They can help someone else friend from doing the same crime. They need to stand up for the weak because they weak need heroes that are they're age, who go to their school, who are the same/different race. STAND UP!!!! Take a stand for everyone.

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