Schools Teaching Ethnic and Cultural Differences

April 29, 2012
By SammiM BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
SammiM BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Because we are a melting pot of different races, colors and cultural differences school systems should provide students with education on ethnic backgrounds and acceptance on our mixed cultural groups.

My parents are from a country in Central America, El Salvador. The language is Spanish. I was born in D.C. here in the USA. I think is important to point out that I am not Mexican and neither are most people who speak Spanish. In fact Spanish language is spoken in many countries and continents. In Europe; Spain. In Africa; Equatorial Guinea. In North America; Mexico. In Central America; Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. In South America; Venezuela Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. In the Caribbean; Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. All these countries first language is Spanish.

My parents have made it a point to teach me about accepting people for who they are not for what color their skin is or for what language they speak. Even though we are all different we are all people and that is how I think of every one I meet.

Let me tell you about my experiences in school growing up as a Latina:
I’ve been called beaner, simply because of my race.
I’ve been asked if it was legal for me to be here in America, again because I am a Latina and the person who said that was probably ignorant and assumes that all Hispanics have entered the country illegally. Once I was asked if my parents are “clean beans”, another time I was asked if I “speak janitor”…. Can you believe the ignorance and the nerve of asking stupid questions?? Because my parents are Hispanics those kids assumed that Hispanics always work as janitors or housekeepers.

One day a classmate of mine heard me speaking Spanish and asked me if I could teach them how to speak “Mexican”. There is no such thing as speaking “Mexican” that would be like me saying teach me how to speak “American”. I explained that I was not Mexican and that the language is “Spanish”. Again the nerve! But then I realized that this happens because of lack of education.

If school systems educated students more on cultural and ethic differences there would be less fights. It cant tell you how many fights I’ve witnessed because of racist comments. It would also be doing the other students a favor by providing them with more education so they don’t sound like idiots.

Is it really hard learning something new?
Don’t get me wrong I know I’m only talking about Hispanics, but there’s other races to that we should learn about such as European, Asian, Indian etc. School systems should make it their responsibility to educate students about cultural differences. Be that smart person that stands out.

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