Wet-Wiping The Faces of The Modern Day Teenager

May 21, 2012
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In the modern era makeup is an ever growing and thickening trend.

As a teenager the world is one big advert for makeup companies. On the Internet we are bombarded with bright faces with meter long lashes, at school there is a constant battle as to who has the newest mascara and the freshest A-list look and let's not forget the adverts.

Now your view maybe that the makeup brushes are slowly taking over the world; covering up the identity of our teens and creating an army of identical dummies which, in the near future will destroy individuality. Well, this is actually the opposite to what is happening.

Makeup has become an art; your face a blank canvas waiting to be painted with your feelings, personality and individuality. There are so many ways us teenagers, girls and a growing amount of boys, can express our feelings to the world; creating a mark of which portrays individualism and also community.

Let's take our typical 'emo', I am not one to stereotype, but the strong relationship with the black pencil eyeliner is an absolute must for a person of this kind. This key feature shows of their love of the dark and mysterious side of humanity. It brings them together as a community and a group of similar interests, beliefs and feelings while also expressing their own unique personality.

Another example of this is the 'scene kid'. They are known for their bright, outgoing persona; there love of life and over the top enthusiasm and confidence. Their make up reflects this brightness from the inside to the outside. Their eyeshadow is from the florescent colour range and their skin has a healthy glow and sparkle.

The aspect of makeup can change a person. It is almost like a diary entry; written across the face, expressing inside feelings, desires and thoughts. It can change your views on a person and you are able to see a different true side to them.

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Jan96 said...
Jan. 31, 2013 at 8:52 am
I can see your point! At my high school in Mississippi we don't have to wear a uniform, but there is a rule about wearing too much make up. I agree that makeup can help you express your identity. Good luck with your project!
Lover67 said...
May 30, 2012 at 7:46 am
I agree with you 100%. I think some kids go overboard. but that just goes to show that they have low self esteem. And think that the more you have on, the better. But, less is more. This is a great article
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