All Ravers Are Drug Addicts

May 24, 2012
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How many ravers out there are accused of being drug addicts and w****s. Why? I rave, and I am neither, so here's a few common misconceptions:

1.) All ravers do drugs
FALSE. A lot of /true/ ravers actually have a name for those who only go to raves to do X or LSD: E-tards. That's that guy drooling in the corner.

2.) All female ravers dress like skanks and sleep around.
FALSE. As a female raver, I would know. New-school ravers do tend to wear bikini tops, tutus and stilettos, or pasties and g-strings with stilettos. Old-school ravers tend to wear phat pants, t-shirts and tank tops with shell-toe shoes and kandi. I am in the latter group.

3.)Raves are violent places!
FALSE. Raves are often very accepting places, actually. Many ravers, myself included, live by the acronym PLUR(R), Peace, Love, Unity, Respect (and Responsibility). We are a hippy movement!

4.) Raves encourage underage girls to dress like s***s!
FALSE. We also have a name for those: ptots, Prostitots, as in tots (minors) that dress like prostitutes. We frown upon that kind of thing.

There are more, but I'm out of time >.< Comment with other common stereotypes!

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McHammerhead said...
Apr. 9, 2015 at 9:11 pm
Just wanted to let you know that I'm using this article for my Sociology class in a paper on the stereotype of rave. Thanks for your perspective, and this excellent primary source!
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