Ignorance of the Masses

May 14, 2012
By THampuratty Jayadevan BRONZE, Missouri City, Texas
THampuratty Jayadevan BRONZE, Missouri City, Texas
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I have always been proud to call myself an Indian and that has never changed nor will it in the future. However, the ignorance of the Indian society while they push the blame to cultural differences irks me to no end. I come from a small village from the southern part of India called Kerala. Our state is said to have the highest literacy rate and also the state with the lowest percentage of poverty listed. However, an educated state like this still deems the conduct of homosexuality as a taboo. An unwritten rule has been placed from the ancient of times not to talk or even think about this “abnormal act towards humanity”. The last time I visited my state I was astonished by the ignorance of the masses that is okay with guys holding hands or hugging each other. However, they feign ignorance when confronted with anything related to homosexuality. Recently India legalized homosexuality, however, as the rainbow colored flags went up in the air for the first time in India, my state still slumbered on the ignorance and continued their age old tradition of ignoring this subject. When marriages took place under the Hindu Marriage Act between gays, lesbians and transsexuals all across India on that day, my state still feigned ignorance and went on with their life. Even now after almost 3yrs since decriminalizing homosexuality, homosexuals live in the darkness of their fear and insecurity tied down by an ancient culture in my state. When will this change? When will the people be allowed to be themselves outside the comforts of their own rooms? I don’t know. Some times I wonder if my state is even worthy of its nick name “Gods own country”. Even though its physical beauty awes people, the core of the place seems rotten to me. As someone that has been introduced to multitude of cultures during my travels, I hope to be of at least a little help to those suppressed and ignored of their rights as Indian citizens.

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This is a sensitive subject for me.

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