May 4, 2012
By , Lakeville, MN
See that boy right there that you just made fun of for being gay and wearing make-up to school? Hes not the only one who's Gay, There are others too afraid to step up and defend themselves. See that boy right there that you just pushed? He gets that enough outside of school... See that boy you just laughed in his face for askingg you to be his valentine? He has never expressed himself like that,and trusted you...See that boy who has eyeliner and mascara on that you just ignored? He wants to feel pretty too... YOU do not realize how much you hurt someone till they are lying in a grave 6 feet below the ground cause you made fun of them, You don't realize what you are doing until you hear on the news there's been a suicide in a small town, just because He is different from you doesn't mean that he doesn't fit in,He is just like me and you, just has different views about the same sex, you have no RIGHT to discriminate against him cause you don't know what he is going through, Yes you have the freedom of speech but THEY have the freedom of expression, They have a right to voice their opinion as well as you, they may have different opinions buts that's okay because that is what makes a great debate</3 NOH8 support GAY RIGHTS AND MARRIAGE THEY DESERVE LOVE TOO(:

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