April 5, 2012
By JD_Ross PLATINUM, Henderson, Nevada
JD_Ross PLATINUM, Henderson, Nevada
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Our time of living is messed up. We put each other into different groups based on our back grounds. I understand that our relatives came from those places but why not just say that your ethnicity is where you live now. We have all of these sayings for people and it is ridicules. We are all living on the same sphere that rotates around a big ball of hot matter that will explode, apparently to scientists, within a few thousand years. So why not start coming together in an uniformed union, so that we can all help each other live the lives that we where given, and not be stopped by being put down for who where were born from and what we where born into. Forget about the controversy of the past and look to the future. Obviously peace may never happen, but thats because anger is an emotion to where your adrenaline is pumping and you have to fight, but helping each other by not putting names to things or putting differences aside for people who need it is what the world needs to do. People need to stand up, to make the world that we live in a happier place to be. A better place to be. We all live on this earth with a circumference of 24,900 miles (40,000 kilometers). I don’t now about you but that seems some what small of a surface which has more then 7 billion people living on it and it growing more and more each day. With the world mostly filled with water and land slowly decreasing from population, it is time for people to put differences aside and work together to make the future better and the past an old tale or else who knows what the world will come to.

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