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April 19, 2012
By Crescent14 BRONZE, Capital, New York
Crescent14 BRONZE, Capital, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"You have to make it happen."
-Denis Diderot

Every day we judge each other; never bother to actually understand or even relate to one another. Sure we are friendly and usually are nicer to our friends than other people. When you think about it you never know that the person you just saw could be your new friend- someone who will help you a lot. You never know. That’s one of the greatest part about life- it’s an unexpected ride you just have to wait until tomorrow.

From Teen People magazine; they say that:
89% think good-looking people are more popular than plainer ones,
18% are perfectly comfortable with the way they look,
84% feel judged,
And 82% think that being good-looking is important.

Though everyone judges all the time, it’s not good. Especially when you don’t know the person(s) and you start bullying them. That just makes you a bad person right there. It’s about who and how you are- if you act yourself people will either: like you and befriend you or some don’t.

According to Dan Rather recorded in a documentary:
Women are far more likely than men to be unhappy with the way they look, and their weight is the biggest reason why. The worrying starts early. Nearly half of all 13-year-old girls say they don’t like their looks. By 18, it’s up to 80 percent. One study even found that young girls are more afraid of being fat than of nuclear war or getting cancer.

It is normal to judge people from the start- but it’s not right to close a door; not explore and adapt to meeting new people. It is an incomplete view- limiting to learn about new people and experience new things. It’s kind of like a wall we build sometimes- we try not to block people out we just want to see who cares to climb over it. The quote:
“I’ve built a wall, not to keep people out- just to see who cares enough to climb over it.” –Fall of Dreams

You just have to dare to “climb that wall” or “open that locked door”. Stepping outside your comfort zone is good. Exploring, learning and befriending new people and getting to know them is amazing. Just taking that first step to introduce each other- is amazing. I do that a lot now because I learned it’s true. I judge people too before I meet the person. Now I make a lot of friends and dare to “climb that wall” most of the time. It’s better than being on the sidelines thinking about all the possible scenarios about a person you don’t know.

There is also another side to this…

Sometimes it’s good to judge. You never know if maybe someone is bad- or can get you into trouble. That person could have bad influences or get your grades low- bad reputation. Sometimes there are exceptions. You also never know what they could do in the future- I met this one girl who seemed nice. We talked- sat together at lunch- talked about stuff and just acted friendly.

One day though, during lunch, she got into a fight and hurt someone so bad that she was expelled from the school. Now I pay more closely to whom I hang out with- so I don’t make a mistake like that again. The reason she was bad was because she started hurting the person first- the other girl couldn’t even move. She viciously hurt the girl until they were broken apart.

Also sometimes outside of school- like the internet; you don’t know if someone on Facebook or Twitter could try to hurt you or kidnap you since you don’t know them. When you’re at the mall it’s could to judge people how they are acting- you never know if they might hurt you or kidnap you or do something bad. Things can happen any time- Sometimes judging people is good- sometimes it isn’t. Judging can bring some new and amazing experiences in your life- and sometimes you got to keep an eye out.


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