Are you the angry young feminist?

March 24, 2012
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Ever since I turned 12, my body experienced a radical change. My chest, of its own accordance, decided to grow outwards, I sprouted hair all over and came to terms with pimples and other such troublesome phenomena. However, the changes were not limited to my physical appearance, for that would have been too easy to handle. My brain now had a brain of its own, shifting my innocent thoughts from pink hairbrushes and slumber parties to poverty and anti feminism. I can clearly recall the first time I picked a zine, inspired by the riot grrrl movement of the 60’s, mirroring my thoughts about male dominance and repression of the fairer sex.
As much as we may like to delude ourselves that we all live in a happy little world adorned with butterflies and rainbows, the truth remains the same – our society is still infested with this peculiar disease called discrimination of the sexes. Women, even in today’s world, have to endure every injustice ranging from small matters such as eve teasing and low salary (as compared to male counterparts) to very critical matters such as infanticide, domestic violence, assault, rape, mutilation, illiteracy and prostitution.
Why do men think it’s OK for them to view a woman as nothing more than a sexual object or a child bearing machine? What twisted psychology does a rapist possess, to force himself on an innocent victim? I rattle my brain all day, to come up with adequate answers, only to conclude upon the fact that men, as a race, are not to be blamed but individual people who promote such orthodox ideas are responsible for the present situation. Moreover, commercialization of such ideas in the form of videos and other media that feature men grabbing a woman to please themselves thus, portraying it as an acceptable deed further fuels these activities.
I am only 15, yet I witness a number of prejudices, sometimes in my own life as well. My very first boyfriend duped me because I was unwilling to get physical. My sister’s ex-boyfriend still troubles her, because he cannot digest being left by a mere girl. My dad and his family are set in their rigid ways where a girl’s sole purpose is to get married and serve her family dutifully. She must not have any wishes or opinions. A woman standing in the line, inside a bank, tolerates touching, groping and lewd comments. Every woman on the street is eyed by the passing men, on bikes and cars, with an occasional shout thrown their way. Witnessing such an unhealthy atmosphere for a girl’s spirit, I threw my submissive attitude out the window and earned the title ‘Angry, little feminist’. In spite of constant opposition and hostility, It is important for every girl to realize that she deserves better, and needs to stand up for herself.

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totallycompletlyjustme said...
Apr. 29, 2012 at 4:43 am
That was one of the best articles I've ever read. Just add some facts to support the whole women get paid less than men thing. 
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