Not the mass of my mind, But the value of my product

March 8, 2012
By Jarrett Bell BRONZE, Kansas City, MO, Missouri
Jarrett Bell BRONZE, Kansas City, MO, Missouri
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A friend of mine’s a while back received a text message saying “hey guess what Saggin spelled backwards is”.. I laughed about it, not being conscious of what that message really was implying. As the years went by , I started seeing America capitalizing on the subject “Young Black men Sagging”. I mean we all know sagging is a horrible thing, But is it because of the color of our skin that you exaggerate the fact of what they’re doing. When im out and about at the malls , I see all different types of races “Sagging”, but all you ever hear about is the black kids doing it, where it originated from and where we will end up. My young black brothers are in a double standard. I have never seen any adult tell a Caucasian Or Asian young man to pull his pants up. Its not as severe. But when You see black kids pants down you automatically think he sells drugs, or doesn’t have a future in head of him. Don’t get me wrong , Sagging is still bad. But its not as much as crucial as what other young kids in different races do. America has put a racial profile to the Son of a Hard Working African American women. That black men with their pants down wont make it. But what im getting at is “Some” of our young black men has fell short of this stereotypical term and meaning. Now that our young black brothers have given up, they will go out and live that life that their home country has shunned upon them. They have no choice but to give up to the Mother land. But, you cant say that every black man you see has fell short. Because Most young black men have a nurturing ability that they want to provide and help their mother , grandparents, younger siblings, even babies. Our young black brothers have a mindset that whatever they need , they will get it by any means necessary to provide for their loved ones. Our young black brothers are strong, and hard workers to succeed when they want and if you look closely you can see it in their veins. Because it runs deep in they’re blood. Our Young Black Brothers are the future Producers of the music industry, The future Clothing desginers, the future entrepreneurs, Future chefs, maybe even the future reoccurring Black President of the United States. All black men strive to do what they have theyr’e mind is set on .But if you aim them the right way, you never know what you’ll get but you know your getting a grade A product. My young black brothers are intelligent by the conciseness they received from there parents. So please Don’t judge us by the hype you have heard, but by the result of our outcome. Because its Not the Mass of My Mind, But The Value Of my product.

The author's comments:
As a result of this, I like writing about diverse persepectives of different races and just expressing my feelings. I am a young black man myself. I might catch myself sagging , but I am in a quick to correct myself without anyone telling me to. We shouldn't put African Americans in a group of negativity because we are all human first.

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