Gay Marriage in the USA

March 5, 2012
By LaHeather BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
LaHeather BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Homosexuality is not something new to our society; it has been around for thousands of years. Since the beginning of time, people of the same gender have been falling in love. However, gay marriage is new to our society, and has been met with both open arms and angry pitchforks. The homosexual community is still fighting hard for gay marriage to be accepted and legal, but only 6 out of 50 states have passed the law. It is unconstitutional to deny the rights of homosexual American citizens by not allowing them to marry, like any heterosexual couple has the right to do. Gay marriage is good for our society and should be legal.
The laws against gay marriage affect our society in a negative way. Not allowing gays to marry teaches kids at a young age that it’s ok to discriminate. It shows children that if people aren’t the same as you then they don’t have the same rights. Since this is the exact opposite of what most people try to teach their kids, these laws are hurting children’s morals. This also affects out community negatively, because homosexuals are often bullied and not accepted in some social situations. Not only are many gays harassed, some also have trouble finding jobs. If gay marriage was legalized, homosexuals might be more accepted in society and would have to overcome less unfair obstacles in their lives. America needs to realize that every citizen deserves equal rights.
Many of the people who are against gay marriage are involved in religion and say that it is against God’s will for homosexuals to get married. However, religion has never been part of government, so it is not a valid reason for gay marriage to be illegal. Also, how God feels about two people of the same gender together should have nothing to do with how He feels about other people. It is stated in the bible that a man cannot lie with another man, but it is also stated that certain people felt strong feelings for people of the same gender. So does God really hate homosexuals, or just think they should keep to themselves?
Legalizing gay marriage would also solve some of the custody problems that homosexual couples face. Gay couples cannot both have “full” custody of their children. This is because adoption agencies don’t like giving custody to more than one person if the people are not married. Also the children of gay couples do not get to experience the “family” lifestyle, because their parents cannot get married. The large amount of custody and family issues could be solved if homosexual marriage was legalized.
Homosexuals need to have the right to get married. It goes against the constitution in many ways for them to not be able to do so. If more people would take up the fight to allow gay marriage in the US then our country would be more just and fair. Homosexuality began at the start of mankind, so it’s time to accept it and allow gay marriage.

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