Referee's Reason

February 12, 2012
When you go to any kind of a sporting event you almost always get angry with the referee that is overseeing the game. Whether it is soccer, baseball, or football you "boo" them at least once a game. I believe that this a very judgemental and cruel to those people who are there to provide safety and organization to a game in order to make it fun.

I think that people would be more understanding and kind to the ref if they put themselves in the referee's shoes. The ref will always try to call things just as they see it according to their unbiased opinion, even though it doesn't agree with who you want to win. People need to ask themselves how they would feel if they were the ones on the field making the calls and how you would feel if everything that you did was contradicted. These people need to realize that there are other people with other opinions and they are not the only ones that matter.

I remember when I played soccer and the refs called something that wasn't in favor of my team. The parents would scream and yell at the ref and protest the call, but the refs would just ignore it and continue on. I was mad at the parents for being so single-minded and not understanding why the ref made the call that he did, because he has his reasons for doing that and in the end his main reason for being there is to make money and keep the players safe.

So, I think that we all need to take a step back and understand why the referees make the calls that they do, because that is the way they see it, whether we agree or not.

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