Gay Marriage?

February 11, 2012
By cmalcolm DIAMOND, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
cmalcolm DIAMOND, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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It's obvious that the issue of whether or not the marriage of homosexuals should be legal, is a large topic. So many different ideas and opinions go into this culture war. Me, being a member of the gay community today, and living in a state (Iowa) where gay marriage is legal, probably means my opinions will be skewed. I believe gay marriage should most definitely be legal in all cases. But whether or not homosexual marriages are accepted in society today is another issue.

Let's begin by defining what a 'gay relationship' really is. The common stereotype is that gays are unable to form relationships that are strong and long-lasting, and the relationships that are formed are not committed and not very deep relationships. Although this is true for some gays this is not true for all. A lot of people believe that homosexuals have a choice in who they can feel attracted to, this is not always true. Another term that needs explaining is 'marriage'. This may seem simple but it really is not. If you didn't know, there was a whole ordeal a while ago where the federal government “defined” marriage as a unison of two people of the opposite sex. But what does the federal government know?

Many people, in fact, MOST people, believe in equal rights for homosexual individuals; whether it be in housing, jobs, equal access to government benefits, public accommodation, etcetera.
But, if you press them for their opinion on gay marriage, they become more unwilling to give these same homosexual individuals the right to marriage. 70% of Americans say they are opposed to gay marriage. This is an outrage. Why are these people so stubborn? This is a question I wonder about. I think gay marriage should be legal, because for one thing, I'm gay myself, so that's pretty self explanatory, and second of all, I think that whatever anybody wants to do with their sexuality is fine, and if these people (homosexuals) want to get married then so be it! Who are we to stop them? What is the straight community so worried about? Aren't we (homosexuals) just decreasing their competition for mates? Gay marriage should be legal. Homosexuals should have the same rights as heterosexuals, including marriage. Why shouldn't gays be allowed to have the united bond between them and their partner. Gay marriage is banned in 36 states. This is simply ridiculous. I am just thankful I live in a state where gay- marriage is legal.

The author's comments:
This is a piece advocating for the rights of gay people in today's society.

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