The Story of the Darkness

February 1, 2012
Once long ago, there was a darkness that covered the land. It hurt people; innocent people, good people. it hurt the children, and even poor innocent babies.
One man was all it took, one man took 10 million 860 thousand lives. he hurt them, he did things to them no one could ever even think of.
There are secrets to this darkness. Secrets of what had happened. some have become uncovered and some secrets are still kept.
This man did such horrible things that it effects many people today. some cry at only the thought of what he did. Some have even been emotionaly damaged for the rest of their lives.
Even this man's minions felt sorry for what they where doing to people. even some of those minions where emotionally damaged. But they continued torturing the innocent.
There are survivors of the darkness; Witnesses. These witnesses where children when they got hurt, hurt by hitler.
Hitler was the darkness. a greedy man who had started this hatred and darkness over jelousy of another man; a jewish man.
Hitler was a hipocrite. This burnet darkness, had wanted the world's humans to only consist of blond hair blue eyed people.
some believe that that darkness was a light,and some people think it was a darkness when that light started to grow.
pray for all nazis. Pray that their hearts will become good. And when good flows out of the hearts of the nazis, god may forgive.

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