Does good or bad looks will determine one's life?

February 13, 2012
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there has been issues where people says that only pretty girls and good-looking boys will make it big in the future of their life.
well, it can't be denied that most field of work usually based on appearance especially in the entertainment business. But recently, it is less discriminative because the entertainment business people finally realize that not very good-looking people also have potential and sometimes even better than the good-looking one's.
for one to say-" you cannot become an entertainer because you are ugly and gives an aura that will surely drop the show's rating", is most definitely a cruel and bad person.
not everyone is born with the perfect face ratio or the perfect body ratio, but we need to make the best of it.
not so preferable face, well there's make-up and plastic surgery for it (not very recommended because it means you are changing the real you permanently). its like I am asking you to change to fit in, but it is the compromises of life. you will still be the real you only a little bit more appealing.
let's say if you think you don't have the looks or what it takes, the boost of confidence in oneself is the best make-up of all.
in the modeling world, they never looks for too pretty girls but for uniqueness, awkwardness, a sense of curiosity and versatile. each person's face will not lead their future, it is the way you plan it and efforts that you do to make it happen.
like everyone's famous saying when they need encouragement, just say "Never Say Never".
by the way, this saying had existed way before Justin Bieber make a song out of it. I guess he also think that this phrase is the best phrase to encourage one's life.
so, what do you think?
is looks really matters to determine one's future?

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Artgirl1999 said...
Jan. 16, 2013 at 9:21 am
I like your ideas. The article could be better written, though.
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