Don't Let Your Words be the Last Ones They Hear

December 15, 2011
By CarCrashHeart45 BRONZE, Bonner Springs, Kansas
CarCrashHeart45 BRONZE, Bonner Springs, Kansas
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People always say that the truth comes out when you're angry. That is only because you aren't thinking of censoring yourself. When you're angry or upset, you lose control and the words just flow right out of your mouth. When someone makes you mad, just stop and take a breather. Think about what's going on and how you can avoid this situation. You might even have to just walk away. Telling someone every mean word in the book, screaming at them, and having your friends all gang up to tell his person to kill themselves is just wrong. Don't treat someone that way. Your words might just be the last thing they hear. They might just be the words that push them over the edge of what little hope they were clingy to. How would you honestly feel if someone was telling you to kill yourself? Probably terrible, huh? So why should you make anyone feel that way? You know what it's like to feel hurt and so scared, so don't bring that on anyone else. This world is a harsh enough place as it is. Be part of the good in it.

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I've been going through a rough time, so I've been writing some advice to myself. Why not share with anyone else?

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