January 10, 2012
By Anonymous

You walk up to the kid that is tiny, He can't defend himself  so you take advantage of him and bully him, you take his lunch money and call him a loser, Ruined his self esteem. You see a 16 year old girl walking down the street with her 2 year old son you call her names, So she brings her son to the nearest adoption center, You know what she was probably raped by a molester and he got her pregnant and she didn't want to have an abortion. You see a old man, you make fun of his scars, well he probably took a bullet in the face from Vietnam, Trying to fight for our country, well he doesn't feel happy for himself so he takes the gun he fought with and ends shooting himself. Bullies there is such a thing called karma. Karma is based on revenge, when this so called bully does something me to the victim which could be anybody. The victim gets some information of the bully that the bully didn't want anyone to know, the victims spread the bullies secrets,  the bullies friends leave him and then soon enough the bully has no freinds, because he chose to bully people.

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