One Minute on Bullying

December 5, 2011
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Bullying. Everyone has experienced it, whether you’ve been the bully, the victim, or just witnessed it taking place. Bullying has always been around; but what we once thought of as harmless playground disputes is becoming a severe threat and cause for alarm. It used to be that bullying occurred in middle and high school; however recent studies have shown bullying stemming from grade school all the way through college. And the bullying is becoming worse. Harassment, cyber-bullying, discrimination against sexual orientation—just to name a few—these are all violations of a persons civic rights. But what is being done to stop this? As the number of bully-related suicides increases, the government is beginning to crack down on bullying. But their work alone isn’t enough. For every person who stands by, another bully gets away with a hurtful act. It’s time to stand up and fight—no one deserves to be bullied.

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RedDaisy said...
Dec. 10, 2011 at 8:26 pm
I am very opposed to bullying. Some children start out by being influenced by their friends at school or even in their own neighborhoods. I believe schools should allow more coverage on this matter, from the very first school year to the last one. Smaller children should be encouraged to play with one another while an adult shows a childs individual talents; while bigger children (9 would be a good age to start) should be shown what could happen to a bullied person. The problem is that... (more »)
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