December 4, 2011
By Anonymous

“The world will be better without you,” Ezio calmly said as he pointed his hidden blades toward the enemy, ready to rip him apart. This statement, all too true within society itself, was getting to me; the world needs a white light amongst the darkness. They call this century the time in which the Dark Ages have been cast off; however, we are entering the new Dark Age, an age of corruptness, of stupidity.
Bullying exist amongst all forms of life, not just among the students anymore. Teachers are lawyers, and lawyers teachers. What’s the difference? Both plead for their own cases, out of selfishness, and twisting the facts to make themselves look the victims. Is this world coming to an end? Bullying, much too prevalent in society, written off as a “part of life”. This is how we choose to remember life? Writing things off? Ignoring them as “normal.” I ask you..WHAT is normal? Is normal described by what the majority thinks? How do we define normality?
Normality—conforming to the standard or the common type.
Normality—an abstract concept, an item that cannot be grasped.
Normality—distinct to anyone, to everyone.
Normality is not a term to be used in generalities, for generalities are comparable to stereotypes. We cannot generalize the world, suspecting that anyone outside the norm is “weird” or “b****y”; everyone is weird in their own special way. Accept it, don’t hate it.
Let me enlighten you upon normality.
Everyday people criticize others for squashing out one’s individuality, the irony being the fact that human beings defy the principle of individuality. We conform, hoping to be accepted, and rule out the “dissenters”.
You may already know this, but I must remind you—people are different. We cannot generalize everyone under a statement or a stereotype. We are many working as one. We are the pages of a book, individually holding their own contents to form a single entity. We must accept one another for who they are; we must learn to understand others’ pasts and the reasons behind certain behaviors, throw out the undefinable, vague idea of “normality”.
But why bother? Why read the book when you can just skip to the end and only read the last page? It’s certainly much easier and definitely more efficient. It’s way too much work to read every word on every page.
Hi, I’m a high school student. Let’s just read the cover of each book and put it down okay?

The author's comments:
The ending was meant to show the thoughts of a regular high school student who thinks the opposite way that I build up in the article. I do not think that way and am not bipolar! xD

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