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November 3, 2011
By KyleH BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
KyleH BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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Discrimination is wrong and many say that they would like to stop it from happening but it just keeps coming back. How many people are being disrespected due to discrimination? Unfortunately it is happening everywhere such as schools, office buildings, restaurants, and other countries. So basically it happens all around the world. Because of discrimination people are being treated differently through looks, beliefs, or lifestyles.

Because of discrimination people are being treated differently because the person's skin color. If someone is seen and they have different colored skin than the other person they get treated differently. Most people tend to think that "oh since their skin looks different they should be treated different"; when it happens it is in a form of disrespect. It is pretty sad when some people apply for a job and since they are different colored they cannot get the job even if they are the best at what they were applying for. Discrimination does not just happen because of a person's skin color but also of a person's beliefs.

Because of discrimination people are being treated differently through religious views. People believe that there is only one true religion; then, if no one believes in it they should be killed or bad things may occur. Those who believe in any form of a good think that their god's voice is the only true voice and no other voice truly matters. This form of discrimination is probably one of the worst forms because with religion people are supposed to be holy but they have to disrespect others because some believe in other religions. Not all discrimination though has to deal with different beliefs or race.

Because of discrimination people are being treated differently through the way some people live their lives. Discrimination even occurs within the same ethnicities. Examples would be like some people who are rich are rude to those who do not have as much money. Also those whose weight is different show that they do not want the other group around. Even people who are more athletic, active or even smarter act as if they are more superior. As well as the differences of age groups.

People treat others like aliens using discrimination as an excuse by looks, beliefs, or lifestyles. Unlike some of the people who say they want to help I will actually do my best to stop discrimination. If anyone agrees with me and wants to help they are more than welcome to help in our efforts. Our group has a few ideas on what to do to stop discrimination; but, if anyone who reads this wants to help out as well or offer suggestions we will be more than excited to read what the ides are.

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