Discrimination Changes Personality

November 3, 2011
By cleo1311 BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
cleo1311 BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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People always say what comes to their mind, they never think at all. We say things that extremely hurts others and most of the time, we just don’t care. How did discrimination start? How can it be stopped? Are there people that have answers? The people that do, they care. People use discrimination all the time and it’s a horrible thing that affects people a lot.

Discrimination has been continued over the long years and effects people by the person using discriminations reputation. The person saying awful things to other doesn’t have a coherent thought on the emotional pain they are causing to that person. Reputation is very important to people, it’s why we do unnecessary things to gain one. People use discrimination all the time, but that doesn’t excuse them for using it and causing emotional pain to others. Discrimination has many definitions, for one it’s used to show hatred to others by leaving them out because they look, speak, and think differently than others.

Discrimination has been continued over the long years and effects people by how people see discrimination in their eyes. Discrimination can be showed in a lot of ways, but those ways are negative to everyone. Most of it shown is either threatening or hatred. That’s how people see it in their eyes which causes them to stay away from the person using hate-filled words. It effects that person’s reputation as stated before. Society has dramatically changed over the last century which isn’t a good thing at all. We’re living in a society of great debt and of everyone hating each other, which is probably why discrimination is shown more violently than ever. The society may be bad; however, the huge majority of it was caused by people.

Discrimination has been continued over the long years and affects the person by the consequences showing for that person’s future. The past of discrimination just started when people that looked differently, people with the main power were called the main leaders, and they treated the odd-looking people like slaves. Could discrimination ever be stopped? Maybe, but it will take some time. People want to feel comfortable on how they live, when they see discrimination, they may be used to it or it could extremely hurt them that they want to put an end to it. It affects the person using discrimination’s future by not being looked up at by everyone else. They may see that person as a jerk or as a monster. If the person that uses discrimination can’t be trusted or doesn’t have emotional problems that might take years to heal.
Andrea M. expressed her opinion in her essay called ‘Discrimination’ “I believe discrimination based on appearance may be even more subtle than, but just as devastating as its more blatant forms, based on ethnic, racial, or socioeconomic factors.” People use discrimination and think its funny, but it’s not. Discrimination has been used for many centuries and how to be somewhat under control. People do care about how discrimination affects others; they are too scared to speak up though. Discrimination is horrible and should be stopped so we can see people as equal. Discrimination might have been brought on to them or they have seen it being shown to another person with their own eyes, maybe they can help put discrimination to an end. Those are the people’s words that do matter.

The author's comments:
I wrote this essay not just for the grade, but to express how I feel about how discrimination is showed during these hard times.

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