I'm Not the Same, and Neither Are You

September 25, 2011
You see it all around in the hallways, discrimination of students who are different. Not just in race, but in clothes, attitudes, sexuality and overall appearance. I myself wonder often why do we do it? Just because a person looks different does not mean they don't have the same emotional pain as you do. If not greater.
Words are powerful, and everyone has the capability to use them. Although, it turns out only a few understand their power and the damage they can do. If a girl is wearing clothes that are not "in" and has financial problems at home she doesn't deserve to be discriminated. She deserves a helping hand and someone who can tell her it will all be alright, to not give up hope. If a girl wears darker clothes than you, keeps to herself, is mostly quiet, cries in class maybe, doesn't have any friends, and is frigid at the sight of something unnerving, maybe she has a hard life. She might have turned to self harming, does that mean she is easier to make fun of and calling her an "emo freak" is alright? It seems like the answer to most kids would be yes, but it is wrong in every way. You should not laugh at her, you should help her instead. For all you know everyday might be her last, because she might still have hope that someone will come to their senses and give her inspiration. She doesn't want to give up hope, but with each passing day she is. You might not see her in the halls much longer, because your discrimination brought her to her last stance. If a young boy has stronger feelings for a male then a female, that does not mean he is not human. He is still a person, just like you, but has different feelings towards someone. That does not permit you to shove him into lockers, beat him up and call him a "fag". For all you know he might go home and start writing his suicide letter, all because you discriminated his feelings. Those are only three examples of a multitude of discrimination. The depressing truth is there are those kids who see what is going on and know it is wrong. Hardly any of them take action though, they don't take that step up to help that extra person. Instead they pretend they did not see it, and continue on their way. Discrimination is in every school, every state, every country, every school function has discrimination. If and when people start looking at reality and taking the initiative to stop it all, more lives could be saved. When people think of the word "discrimination" they often think of race, which is true. People should not be looked down upon for their skin color, for they are a person just like you. What people don't think of often though is what really goes on. Stop discrimination, nobody deserves it. Use your power of words to help and give hope instead of giving despair and taking away hope.

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Inkblot88 said...
Oct. 5, 2011 at 8:47 pm
Great writing about a huge and important issue! Thanks for sharing. I agree with you 100%!
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