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September 16, 2011
By demz13 BRONZE, Port Edward, Other
demz13 BRONZE, Port Edward, Other
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This morning I woke up feeling like the world was on my shoulders. And it was because of News24. Today the article I'm speaking about, entitled 'SAHRC plans 'shoot the boer' dialogue', basically the article states the SAHRC (SA Human Rights Commission) will be hosting a 'dialogue' where they plan to discuss the latest ruling of 'Shoot the boer' being considered Hate Speech.

I'm not going to go into details about the 'Shoot the boer' or 'De le rey' songs etc because I am so appalled that the people in this country cannot see the hurt and anguish that these 'songs' have caused many people. How dare the people in this country say that "it's the black people" or "it's the white people" because as far as I'm concerned every race in South Africa is at fault here.

I do understand that this country has come far, from a lot of suffering to a lot of anger, especially in the Apartheid era. But to highlight that sentence, "...This country has come FAR..." and what a waste, for years the older generation have been at war but can't they see what this fighting and these hateful and hurtful words are doing to the country. They are completely destroying the "unity" of our people.

The children born in the late 80s and the 90s. We are the new generation. We have the opportunity to change all the hurt in this country. We are the change. There is a reason that has been said time and time again. It’s time we forget the past and we focus on the future. This has nothing to do with the new generation. This is their problem.

Another thing, I do respect our past because I know that people are still hurt and trying to overcome it. But it wasn't all white people and it's not all black people. I know our past is a part of who we are but let us not make it who we become.

We live in paradise; we have everything in South Africa. Nature, so many different cultures and the friendliest people in the world. We have overcome war and we going to get through this recession. Everyday thousands of foreigners come into this country to come and experience a taste of South Africa.

I can guarantee you that when I look back at my matric year in ten years time the first people I'll think about are my 'black' friends, they have made high school so enjoyable for me. I can go to them and they'll laugh at my black jokes and in return tell me their white jokes and we'll have a good laugh about it TOGETHER. I'll always remember the day I walked up to these two lovely ladies and said "hello my black friends" and they replied "hey white girl" and the grade 11 with them was appalled and Siphe turned to her and said "She's cool". I may be incorrect here but my theory why they may treat me as the 'exception' is because I treat them like every other person in the world because what is black and white and coloured and Indian, they are the colour of your skin but on the inside we are ALL the same. We are ALL made up of the same bone structure and we ALL have a heart.

So we are the change and we are the ones that have to stand up for each other and stop people when they are about to make a racist remark!

We are the change!

The author's comments:
I hope people will realize how to move on and realize that racism is wrong.

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