Be Yourself !!

September 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Everyone knows that everyone is discriminated against. Many people do not even care that they are hurting people they do not even know. Ever since I was little I was made fun of for every little thing I did. I had to change myself to become friends with anyone. Ten years ago I changed from a quiet innocent young girl who dressed in her daddy's shirts and baggy shorts. To a girl who thinks shes better and badder than everyone. I tried so hard to fit in. I hated being made fun off. I tried so hard to be perfect for the longest time. I finally learned that I was perfect the way I was. I start becoming my same old self. In that time I was slowly finding out something about myself. I was trying to figure out why I was attracted to girls. When I was in fifth grade, I figured out I was bisexual. I was so scared I was going to be made fun of for it, so I hid my sexual orientation from the world. I hid behind a mask till about a week ago. Then I announced to everyone that I was bisexual and that I am happy to be me. Some of my family and friends did not accept that. That's who I am I said I am just being me. My life seem to become a living hell after I announced that to the ones I loved. Everyone started making fun of me. It made me cry and remember everything bad that ever happen to me in the past ten years. It made me want to cut and cry my eyes out. So I started to write about how I am happy to be myself. I started to tell all my gay, nerdy, uncoordinated friends that they were perfect. No matter what happens to all of us. We are all perfect. Every tear anyone cries because of stuff like this shouldn't really care. Everyone is perfect. Every smile brings hope. Every laugh makes everyone who loves you happy. Someone cares about you so do not get upset over something silly like being made fun off for being yourself. Someone will always love you. You are perfect whether you are gay, nerdy, uncoordinated, silly, have braces, acne, or even glasses. You are perfect and trust me I know how it feels I dealt with it and I am happy to be able to tell everyone my story. You are perfect and you always will be. Me being myself is the only thing that's helping me stay happy. So please know your perfect no matter what and you'll be okay if you just ignore the stupid people. You do not need anyone to hurt you. Just move on and forget it. You'll always be perfect and you'll always be loved.

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