Time to make a change

August 13, 2011
We live in a world today that is so hateful of every culture. Everywhere I go its ignorant comments like “oh a Muslim….I’ll ask him about Osama”. Let me ask you what do stereotypical comments do beside let us know you’re an idiot. The truth is not every Muslim is a terrorist not every African American is a drug dealer and not all Caucasians have grown up in picture perfect fantasies. I’m just saying what the youth needs to hear, so soon this will be our show to run. We will be the presidents and prime ministers activists and celebrities. We will be the ones kids look up to and what are going to teach them hate and close mindedness or do what we all know we should do break these barriers down and give our children a world better than our fathers gave us. Tell me if I’m wrong but don’t we all have our faults and if I’m right then why have spent centuries upon millennia pointing everybody else’s.

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