Yes! Same Sex Marriage

August 2, 2011
By thinmints BRONZE, West Roxbury, Massachusetts
thinmints BRONZE, West Roxbury, Massachusetts
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Since the beginnings of civilization, humans have chosen a mate of the opposing gender so that they could fulfill their one goal in life: to reproduce. Humans, being monogamous, chose to sanctify this union of two individuals to give it meaning and romance. Up till this time, no religion or custom on earth ever united two people of the same gender. Why would they? In the beginning, the purpose of marriage was to reproduce—to pass on one’s genes. Some argue against same sex marriage because they think that allowing it would be a corruption of the definition of marriage. That argument is based upon ignorance for the definition of marriage has already changed significantly from what was originally intended.

Now, in twenty-first century America, marriage has become less and less about reproduction. Now it is almost solely a proof of the affection between two individuals. It is to show each other and their community the extent of their love. People do not have to have children if they are married, nor do they have to get married to have children. To some people, it is just a document that ties their finances with another’s. For others, it is still sacred and they would not dare think of having children without being married to their partner. From a homosexual standpoint, marriage can only be a symbol of love. What is erroneous about expressing this symbol?

Some of those who are against same sex marriage argue that if same sex marriage is made official, then we are taking our first steps to legalizing polygamy or polyandry. They think that the meaning of marriage is a “slippery slope” and that we would drop “lower” if we take any steps. Polygamy and polyandry refer to the practice of having more than one spouse. As of right now, not many people support polygamy or polyandry. This, however, is trivial. Change is always happening. We may not support this idea now, but who knows what we will be thinking in 2050 or pl2100? Legalizing polygamy or polyandry should not be linked to the recognition of same sex marriage between two individuals. I think these topics are unrelated and should be dismissed from the argument.

Marriage was meant to be something that tied two individuals together so that they could have a child and raise it together. Now it is about romance and feelings. Since the definition of marriage has changed, the guidelines that we follow from past generations ought to be changed as well. I think same sex marriage ought to be accepted by society.

The author's comments:
I feel strongly about this issue so I decided to write about it. I hope people who did not care much about this issue would spend more thought on it.

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