Lifestyle Choices?

July 31, 2011
In today’s society, the word “love” has been thrown around rather carelessly. Nowadays, people will say that they love something when they really mean that they like it a lot. Or they will say that they love someone famous for their acting or singing skills, when they are not even close to love. Love is more than this; it is deeper than this. Love is the physical, emotional and spiritual feeling that two people feel when they simply cannot live without the other. This is a sacred bond that can be experience by men with woman, woman with woman and men with men. Yes, love can be felt by those who are thought to be different: homosexuals.

Being gay in today’s world is living the life of an outcast. Many people believe that being gay is an absolute abomination, as stated in the Bible. Homosexuals are said to be hated by God and will ultimately go to hell. However, God says that he loves all his creations. Now, as these people have clearly stated, God hates homosexuals, whom he created and allows on His Earth. Clearly, he was wrong about loving everyone, but how can that be? God is never wrong. Yes, God is never wrong. The people who are at fault here are the homophobic (which by very definition means that they are afraid of homosexuals) fools who let their old-time ways get in the way of the changing world. Does this mean that they are afraid of change as they are afraid of gays? Does this mean that they hate the current president, Barack Obama since he is a great change in the history of the United States? Absolutely not. They only fear what they do not understand. They do not understand that the life of a homosexual is almost exactly the same as their own. They sleep, they dream, they eat, they fear, they love, they hate and they cry, just as we all do.

Homosexuals are referred to as a number of things. Fag, faggot, queer… all just as hurtful as the next. Why do they deserve such treatment? I firmly believe that being gay is not a choice. It is, instead, something that is a part of your DNA. I think that there is, in fact, a “gay” gene, if you will. Genes are a part of our chemical makeup; they determine who we are as individuals. There are codes for hair color, eye color, skin color, widow’s peak, growth rate and balding rate. These are all things that make us who we are. Sure, you can put on a wig, dye your hair and wear color contacts, but those are just facades that you hid behind. They do not change who you are.
In reality, they are just like you. We are all hand made by God. Blissfully unique, just like everyone else. No amount of dye, or laser eye surgery or Christian counseling can change you on the inside. You are as God made you. He made you in his image, just like he made me. Light brown hair, hazel eyes and a proud homosexual.

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