i dont belong in one category.

July 15, 2011
every time i meet someone new i get that look the " where are YOU from??" look, I'm used to it yeah, it doesn't change the fact on how ignorant people who are uneducated in this sense can be: i am Dominican-American. Dominicans come in a variation of color but RARELY there are ones that are light colored. i am one of them. to a white person I'm 'Mexican' to a Mexican I'm 'white'. lets get this straight: I am not Mexican. when a white person would hear me speak Spanish automatically i become 'Mexican' or as they say i speak 'Mexican' Spanish comes from SOOOOO many countries: Spain, Mexico, Dominican republic, Peru,and MANY other places. Spanish isn't in one category especially since they're are different terms in different areas, different accents and ways o f speech. it annoys me to no end when i am thought to be either white or 'Mexican' for speaking Spanish and being naturally pale. i have a tan yeah. my dads EXTREMELY dark- hes Dominican,;but your skin color and the way you speak does not define YOU. you are you re OWN category.

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