My Best Friend is My Opposite

June 19, 2011
My best friend is my opposite. Our financial standings are opposite. Our families are opposite. Our colors are opposite. Our cultures are opposite. Our religions are opposite. Even our personalities are opposite. Whenever people learn of our friendship they all have the same response.


All I can do is smile, and know that I could never explain to them what it is that makes us best friends, because we see differently. When they look at us, they see all the differences. When they look at anyone they see the things about them that are different from themselves. They make these differences barriers, when really they are not. Sometimes I wish the world was blind because then looks could deter no one.

Then I think I’d rather that the world had perfect vision and interpreted what they saw differently.

If people could see all the things they were missing out on because of their prejudice, they’d be very sad. The world is so full of unnecessary hate, where they could be compassion. So many people turn away from others because of shallow misconceptions, when really there is more in common between two strangers than anyone could ever know.

People should consider things that are deeper than skin and stereotypes. I mean really, have you ever gotten on a subway or metro and stopped to think that the stranger beside you could share a similarity with you?

My best friend is my opposite, but that’s okay because I know we have more in common that matters, and that the differences are special, not shameful. When it comes down to it, my best friend is there to hold my hand when I am sad, or scared, and in that moment there is a bigger connection between the two of us than I feel with anyone I know like me.

My best friend believes there is still hope in the world, for a time when physical differences will be nothing but special, and love and compassion will reign in place of the hatred that now stretches around the globe. I hope she is right.

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