Best Friend Bully

May 17, 2011
By , Schenectady, NY
Have you ever seen a person who is afraid to show there true colors ? It's kind of sad. People always say be brave and stand up to your bully. Well, what if this bully is your best friend? What do you do? In many schools you will always see the popular kid with the friend who acts like their personal slave. Whenever they do something wrong they immediately get called a name. If they stand up to them, they feel like they might lose a friend, someone that even though they bully you might be the closest person you know. Somedays you might break down in tears while they laugh.They take advantage of you because they know that you are a loyal person who won't leave their side and who is nothing without them.It really hurts and makes teens feel unwanted and sometimes neglected. They want your personal power and that's all they really care about. if your in this situation break away from the pact and make a new friend that actually cares about you. You'll be glad you did and feel accomplished.

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