View on Bullying: Life as a Victim

April 23, 2011
By DonaldW BRONZE, Chelsea, Massachusetts
DonaldW BRONZE, Chelsea, Massachusetts
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I roamed the hallways everyday, my eyes peering for "The Bully" at every turn. My point of view on bullying is simple, bullying must be taken more seriously. I went through some of the most severe forms of bullying ranging from being attacked, pantsed, and forced into isolation. I reported it all and was told it was just horseplay and it would be okay by not only teachers but by the principle. It is not good that bullying is mistaken for "horse playing" or "boys being boys". Bullying had and still today has a severe impact on my social development. I have trouble making friends and I am very shy because I am afraid that if I attempt to reach out and be friends with a group that I will be humiliated and bullied again. It was scary for me and I can only imagine how scary it is for the two hundred kids who commit suicide every year because of bullying. My point of view, this has to stop. I know what it's like to contemplate suicide when it comes to bullying because I was in that position for 2 years. I was in that place that seemed no matter where you went NO ONE would help you. I look back and think "wow, did I really go through that" and I am still surprise how I had the strength to show up everyday at the school let alone deal with the bullying and harassment. Schools need to see bullying is serious and we need a solution. A serious solution

The author's comments:
I was really inspired to write about my abuse after reading the book "A Child Called It". Though my abuse comes from school rather then home. I feel like I can seriously connect with the author.

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