Bullies be gone!

April 20, 2011
Dear Mr. Hatzis,


Mrs. Jenson was on her way home from a very long day at the office. Its rush hour and she ignores the people beeping their horns and the yelling of angry drivers. She arrives home and shouts for her 13 year old daughter “Chelsea im home”. She receives no response, so she tries again “Chelsea!” She run’s upstairs to Chelsea’s room; she opens the door and finds Chelsea hung from her bed with a rope tied around her neck. Mrs. Jenson screams and looks into Chelsea’s cold empty eyes, then into her lifeless body. Chelsea committed suicide because bullies were spreading rumors and physically beating her up. The U.S. Department of Education state that 30% of students are bullied each year, this percentage could become 0% if you just step in and help make F.W.M.S a safe school for learning.

Mr. Hatzis I am respectfully agreeing with you, I just wanted to spread your rules farther, because I realized some bullies do get their punishment, but it doesn’t stop them from continuing it. Bullying needs to come to an end now. I have 3 reasons why bullying should stop. My first reason is for the student’s safety. My second is for the schools safety. And my third reason is that the bullies shouldn’t get away with this crime!
The students safety is very important at our school, were all supposed to be nice to one another and respect each other. You said “We all are one team”, but are we really? With bullies in our way, there is no team. Bullies hurt us mentally and physically, and they don’t care what happens to us. Many students’ grades drop in range from an A, to a C, then to a D, and finally an F. Why does this happen you ask? Because when bullies bully us we are scared and can’t concentrate on our school work, that’s why they shouldn’t just be let off the hook after they are caught, they need to know that what they have been doing is wrong, and they need to stop. Also when bullies bully us students, 85% of the time, we get hurt. Between wedgies, swirlies and just punching and kicking, its unacceptable behavior. If you make a punishment so bad for them, they might get the big picture and completely stop.

The School’s safety is very important too, at F.W.M.S our school is fairly clean, but bullies tend to ruin it. Bullies like to: “graffiti the bathrooms” and break their lockers, and others that aren’t their own. This is vandalism and it will just cost you money to repair it. It’s destruction to the schools property and that situation shouldn’t just be handled with saying “Don’t let it happen again.” You as a principal know what to do, and you need to make sure they are punished worse than suspension. Teachers may become frightened of the bullies too, depending on how bad they are, but nothing much is done. By just suspending them, they come back and do the same over again and the situation just is reborn again and again.

Bullies shouldn’t get away with bullying! Even when they are expelled they go to others schools and start trouble again. I recommend getting involved with bullying. Now I have something to this deal that’s for you. By taking this action and getting rid of the bullies, if any news channel or newspaper writers come, they can write an article about this “F.W.M.S is a Bully Free Zone!” You and our school could have some popularity which means more money for you because our school would be setting a great example. Also you wouldn’t want your kids to be treated this way, you would want the best for them, like any parents. Just think for one moment that all of the students at F.W.M.S are your own children. Im sure you would do anything to keep bullies away in 2 seconds flat. You want our school and us to be safe and that’s what we need.

Mr. Hatzis I hope I have persuaded you to choose the action of going through with my ideas with protecting our students, our school and getting rid of bullies for good. Together our school can be the best place for any student! We come here to get a great education, but bullies stand in our way. So let’s all come together and ban bullies forever.

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livlaughluv98 said...
Apr. 27, 2011 at 9:20 pm
I really liked this article!! I agree with you 100%!!! Keep up the good work!! If you have time, could you check out my story "Just Like My Mother"? Please rate and comment on it cause I need all the feedback I can get!!! Thanks and good job!!!
Samantha1000 replied...
Apr. 29, 2011 at 2:21 pm
Haha thanks so much! :) And sure! Ill check out your article! Im sure its awesome :D
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